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Project Notes

Using InfluxDb 1.x with Ruby

Testing out the official ruby client calling a InfluxDb 1.7.9 server running in Docker.


The official influxdb-ruby gem does not support InfluxDb 2.x (yet?), so this test is running with InfluxDb 1.7.9.

Installing Ruby Gems

The Gemfile is setup for bundler:

$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install

Running InfluxDb in Docker

I’m using a Dockerized version of InfluxDb 1.7.9 for testing:

$ ./ start
Stopping/removing any previous docker container..
Error response from daemon: No such container: myinfluxdb17
Error: No such container: myinfluxdb17
Starting  container with web access on port 8086..

Exercising the Ruby Client

Creating a database:

$ ./create_database.rb
Creating database demo1..
Adding user admin/password..
$ ./list_databases.rb
List databases..

Stream Some Data

For some random data, I’m using the w command, that includes some processor stats in line 1:

$ w | head -1
23:21  up 18 days, 21:48, 15 users, load averages: 2.82 2.93 2.83

The stream_stats.rb example posts load averages every 5 seconds to a series called cpu with a bucket tag indicating past 1, 5, and 15 minute averages, so each data point will be like this:

  series: 'cpu',
  tags: { bucket: 'past1' },
  values: { load: 2.56 },
  timestamp: 1578414170

Running the stream…

$ ./stream_stats.rb
Streaming some stats to database:demo1 every 5 seconds..
Posting [2.01, 2.57, 2.62] at 1578417712..
Posting [2.17, 2.6, 2.63] at 1578417717..
Posting [2.23, 2.6, 2.63] at 1578417722..
Posting [2.13, 2.58, 2.62] at 1578417727..
Posting [2.04, 2.55, 2.61] at 1578417732..
Posting [2.04, 2.54, 2.6] at 1578417737..
Posting [2.2, 2.57, 2.61] at 1578417742..

Query Data

Doing a simple query for the last 6 points (select * from cpu WHERE bucket = 'past1' ORDER BY time DESC LIMIT 6)..

$ ./query_stats.rb
Querying the most recent cpu,bucket=past1 stats from database:demo1..
{"time"=>"2020-01-07T17:22:22Z", "bucket"=>"past1", "load"=>2.2}
{"time"=>"2020-01-07T17:22:17Z", "bucket"=>"past1", "load"=>2.04}
{"time"=>"2020-01-07T17:22:12Z", "bucket"=>"past1", "load"=>2.04}
{"time"=>"2020-01-07T17:22:07Z", "bucket"=>"past1", "load"=>2.13}
{"time"=>"2020-01-07T17:22:02Z", "bucket"=>"past1", "load"=>2.23}
{"time"=>"2020-01-07T17:21:57Z", "bucket"=>"past1", "load"=>2.17}

Credits and References

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