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Docker Cookbook (Packt)

Book notes - Docker Cookbook, 2nd Edition by Ken Cochrane, Jeeva S. Chelladhurai, Neependra K Khare, published by Packt.


Table of Contents - Highlights

1 Introduction and Installation

Covers installation on most OS, but details get out of date very quickly.

2 Working with Docker Containers

Covers basic of working with images, containers including:

  • Setting the restart policy on a container
  • Getting privileged access inside a container
  • Accessing the host device inside a container
  • Injecting a new process into a running container
  • Reading a container’s metadata
  • Labeling and filtering containers
  • Reaping a zombie inside a container

3 Working with Docker Images

  • Creating an image from the container
  • Creating an account with Docker Hub
  • Logging in and out of the Docker image registry
  • Publishing an image to the registry
  • Looking at the history of an image
  • Removing an image
  • Exporting an image
  • Importing an image
  • Building an image using a Dockerfile
  • Building an Apache image – a Dockerfile example
  • Setting up a private index/registry
  • Automated builds – with GitHub and Bitbucket
  • Creating a custom base image
  • Creating a minimal image using a scratch base image
  • Building images in multiple stages
  • Visualizing the image hierarchy

4 Network and Data Management for Containers

  • Accessing containers from outside
  • Attaching containers to a host network
  • Launching containers with no network
  • Sharing IP addresses with other containers
  • Creating a user-defined bridge network
  • Discovering and load balancing containers
  • Persisting data using volumes
  • Sharing data between the host and the container
  • 5Docker Use Cases
  • Docker Use Cases
  • Introduction
  • Testing with Docker
  • Performing CI/CD with Shippable and Heroku
  • Performing CI/CD with TravisCI
  • Setting up PaaS with OpenShift origin
  • Building and deploying an app on OpenShift from the source code

6 Docker APIs and SDKs

  • Working with images using APIs
  • Building images using APIs
  • Launching containers using APIs
  • Performing container operations using APIs
  • Exploring Docker remote API client libraries
  • Configuring the Docker daemon for remote connectivity
  • Securing the Docker daemon’s remote connectivity
  • 7Docker Performance
  • Docker Performance
  • Introduction
  • Benchmarking CPU, disk, network performance
  • Getting container resource usage using the stats feature
  • Setting up performance monitoring

8 Docker Orchestration and Hosting a Platform

  • Running applications with Docker Compose
  • Setting up a cluster with Docker Swarm
  • Using secrets with Docker Swarm
  • Setting up a Kubernetes cluster
  • Using secrets with Kubernetes
  • Scaling up and down in Kubernetes cluster
  • Setting up WordPress with Kubernetes clusters

9 Docker Security

  • Setting Mandatory Access Control (MAC) with SELinux
  • Allowing writes to volumes mounted from the host with SELinux ON
  • Removing capabilities to break down the power of a root user inside a container
  • Sharing namespaces between the host and the container

10 Getting Help and Tips and Tricks

  • Starting Docker in debug mode
  • Building a Docker binary from the source
  • Building images without using cached layers
  • Building your own bridge for container communication
  • Changing the default OCI runtime
  • Selecting the logging driver for containers
  • Getting real-time Docker events for containers

11 Docker on the Cloud

  • Docker for AWS
  • Deploying WordPress on Docker for AWS
  • Docker for Azure
  • Deploying Joomla! on Docker for Azure

Getting the Example Source

Available for download from the Packt.

Credits and References

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