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FreeRADIUS Client


FreeRADIUS Client is a C framework and library for writing RADIUS Clients.

So far this is a fail. Builds OK, but I hit issues trying to get clients built with this library to talk to the FreeRADIUS Server. KIV for now.

Mac OS X Build

The steps to build and install are in ./download_and_make:

git clone
cd freeradius-client
autoreconf -fvi && ./configure && make && sudo make install
  • installs client sample programs to /usr/local/sbin
  • installs client configs to /usr/local/etc/radiusclient
  • installs the libfreeradius-client to /usr/local/lib

Edit /usr/local/etc/radiusclient/servers to set the shared secret

localhost/localhost                             testing123


  • radacct
  • radembedded - how to embed the configuration of a radius client, using the FreeRADIUS Client Library without an external configuration file
  • radexample - example skeleton client
  • radiusclient
  • radlogin
  • radstatus - get RADIUS server status

Test: radstatus

OK, first client test…

RADIUS: Status failure
RADIUS: Status failure

Hmm, not good. Client is not picking up the shared secret and no hint on the server that it receved a request.

From src/radstatus.c..

 * This is broken, now that send_server requires the secret to be passed
 * It will need to be collected as an additional argument on command line

OK, looks like this client library needs a bit of maintenance, certainly a bit more study than I’m prepared to do right now

Credits and References

About LCK#207 RADIUSMacOSinfrastructure
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