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Project Notes

Cross-browser X Library

Playing with the old inner solar system demo for the cross-browser javascript X library.


I can’t recall when I first checked out the X library but it must have been back in the prototype/scriptaculous days.

The last release of the library was X 4.23 from 14-May-2011, and I suspect was subsequently eclipsed by the rise of the jQuery ecosystem. The X library has some really advanced capabilities that it is a pity never went any further, but the coding paradigm of the X library was perhaps just not as coherent as the jQuery approach.

About the X library:

X is a collection of loosely-bound, cross-browser, Javascript functions and objects. It is intended to be a resource from which you pick and choose - you do not have to include the entire library in your application. It contains core DOM/Style functions, unobtrusive enhancements, utility functions, objects such as menus and tab panels, and also has some experimental stuff.

Inner Solar System Demo

The inner_solar_system.html demo remains one of the most popular, despite using an earlier version of the X library. As of 2020, it still runs jsut fine in the latest Chrome and Firefox browsers.


Credits and References

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