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Project Notes

The Explainer - Node.js Version

This sample implements a Node.js client and server that talk the Explainer Protocol.

The Explainer is totally inspired by Natalie Silvanovich’s Hardware Excuse Generator


Node doesn’t need protocol compilation, so setup is as simple as installing the grpc module. The module and other dependencies are in package.json, so install as usual:

$ npm install

Test Drive - Node.js Client

I don’t have a node.js server yet, so using the ruby version Start the server in one console window..

$ cd ../ruby
$ ./explainer.rb
ShiFu is waiting to explain all of your problems...

Now try the node.js client in another:

$ node ./explain.js

Here's some help:

Describe your problem in a sentence, using the text "REASON" where-ever you'd like a good excuse inserted

e.g. "Glitching was not a viable attack because of REASON"

$ node ./explain.js "Your laptop is crashing because of REASON"
Your laptop is crashing because of a lack of shielding against alpha radiation (cosmic rays) in antenna

Credits and References

About LCK#41 gRPCNodeMessaging
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This page is a web-friendly rendering of my project notes shared in the LittleCodingKata GitHub repository.

LittleCodingKata is my collection of programming exercises, research and code toys broadly spanning things that relate to programming and software development (languages, frameworks and tools).

These range from the trivial to the complex and serious. Many are inspired by existing work and I'll note credits and references where applicable. The focus is quite scattered, as I variously work on things new and important in the moment, or go back to revisit things from the past.

This is primarily a personal collection for my own edification and learning, but anyone who stumbles by is welcome to borrow, steal or reference the work here. And if you spot errors or issues I'd really appreciate some feedback - create an issue, send me an email or even send a pull-request.