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GitOps in a nutshell - Continuous Deployment for cloud native applications.


I keep coming across references to GitOps, and usually the promise is to finally clear up the confusion about the topic. At the end of the article there’s usually a link to another document for more information about “What is GitOps Really?”

GitOps is officially described as

a way of implementing Continuous Deployment for cloud native applications, coined by Weaveworks in 2017

What’s not clear:

  • is it just a method/conceptual approach?
  • or is it a fully baked solution that is ready to use?

I think my confusion stems from the fact that it tries to be both, with a lot of caveats. As far as I understand:

  • yes, it is a philosophy and conceptual approach. Essentially:
    • the target environment is formally described and versioned alongside code and build artifacts
    • the environment description is used to automate deployment (including rollbacks)
    • and yes, at a conceptual level, this doesn’t dictate or require any specific tools or standards for how this can be achieved
  • but it also describes a specific approach for how this can be realised. Essentially:
    • GitHub for versioning
    • GitHub Workflows with Actions for implementing the process
    • Kubernetes for managing the infrastructure
    • Flux for orchestrating Kubernetes according to the environment description

The GitOps site and associated ebook provide an introduction to the topic and also a practical example of setting up a pull-based GitOps workflow with the Flux Operator on Kubernetes.

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