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Project Notes


A demonstration of the k-nearest neighbors algorithm implemented using tensorflow-js with node.js.



Uses the following npm modules:


$ node example.js
2019-03-02 11:13:57.713521: I tensorflow/core/platform/] Your CPU supports instructions that this TensorFlow binary was not compiled to use: SSE4.2 AVX AVX2 FMA
Guess: 1251260 error: -15.323502304147466
Guess: 519756.5 error: -11.344580119965723
Guess: 433700 error: -2.047058823529412
Guess: 455800 error: 19.327433628318584
Guess: 699750 error: 7.806324110671936
Guess: 584260 error: -14.106372465729613
Guess: 835450 error: -8.782552083333334
Guess: 1329790 error: 13.227406199021207
Guess: 279422.5 error: -36.336911441815076
Guess: 228767.5 error: 7.381578947368421

Credits and References

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