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Project Notes

Patching Text Files

Simple tricks for updating text files with perl


Take theses three perl command options:

  • -i enables editing files in place, with the option to back up the original file first.
  • -p assume “while (<>) { print; }” loop around the program, so it works like sed
  • -e executes the program given on the command line

Together these allow simple one-liners for modifying text files with arbitrary complexity: from simple substitutions to conditional and sophisticated modifications.

The script has two examples to demonstrate the principle.

NB: on posix systems, use single quotes for -e programs to avoid shell command substitution.


Running the example:

$ ./
# Installing example.txt from template..

# Original file (example.txt):

# Example 1: General substitution (no file backup)
# changes all lines with 'line=*' to 'row=*'
# .. diff after change:
< row=1
< row=2
> line=1
> line=2
< row=3
< row=4
> line=3
> line=4

# Example 2: Dependent substitution (with backup)
# changes the right-hand-side of the line matching 'my_key='
# .. diff after change:

# Final example.txt after all these changes:

Operating on Multiple Files

Combine with find:

find . -name "example.txt" -exec perl -i -pe '
if ( eof ) {
  close ARGV;
' {} "my_new_key" \;

Note: to exclude paths from the find, say to exclude the lib folder, add a path with the prune option:

find . -path ./lib -prune -o -name "example.txt" ..

This reads as: find from here, prune ./lib paths or (-o) match name example.txt

Credits and References

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