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Project Notes

About Huey

Huey is a lightweight queuing system for python.


Huey is a lightweight queuing system for python. Key features:

  • python 2.7+ and 3.4+
  • clean and simple API
  • redis, sqlite, or in-memory storage

Huey supports:

  • multi-process, multi-thread or greenlet task execution models
  • schedule tasks to execute at a given time, or after a given delay
  • schedule recurring tasks, like a crontab
  • automatically retry tasks that fail
  • task prioritization
  • task result storage
  • task expiration
  • task locking
  • task pipelines and chains

Demo Setup

Setup pre-requisites..

$ python --version
Python 3.7.3
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Huey requires redis - the demo is setup to expect redis to be available on localhost:6379.

Demo Program


The demo/ simply runs an infinite loop - calling the asynchronous add_numbers task to add two random integers.

$ python
916 + 488 = 1404
460 + 634 = 1094
159 + 3 = 162
28 + 343 = 371


The demo/ module implements two asynchronous task:

  • add_numbers - returns the addition of two integer parameters
  • every_other_minute - periodic task that runs every two minutes

Running a single worker by default, with period tasks enabled:

$ cd demo/
$ tasks.huey
[2021-08-25 21:47:06,519] INFO:huey.consumer:MainThread:Huey consumer started with 1 thread, PID 75523 at 2021-08-25 13:47:06.519226
[2021-08-25 21:47:06,519] INFO:huey.consumer:MainThread:Scheduler runs every 1 second(s).
[2021-08-25 21:47:06,519] INFO:huey.consumer:MainThread:Periodic tasks are enabled.
[2021-08-25 21:47:06,519] INFO:huey.consumer:MainThread:The following commands are available:
+ tasks.add_numbers
+ tasks.every_other_minute
[2021-08-25 21:48:00,550] INFO:huey:Worker-1:Executing tasks.add_numbers: fcc8c249-2f3f-4d95-9dcd-e9266ad2aa37
[2021-08-25 21:48:00,550] INFO:huey:Worker-1:tasks.add_numbers: fcc8c249-2f3f-4d95-9dcd-e9266ad2aa37 executed in 0.000s
[2021-08-25 21:48:06,520] INFO:huey.consumer.Scheduler:Scheduler:Enqueueing periodic task tasks.every_other_minute: 41120519-6b78-47a3-b1a5-41e6ecf8d6f9.
[2021-08-25 21:48:06,522] INFO:huey:Worker-1:Executing tasks.every_other_minute: 41120519-6b78-47a3-b1a5-41e6ecf8d6f9
This task runs every 2 minutes.
[2021-08-25 21:48:06,522] INFO:huey:Worker-1:tasks.every_other_minute: 41120519-6b78-47a3-b1a5-41e6ecf8d6f9 executed in 0.000s
[2021-08-25 21:48:07,196] INFO:huey:Worker-1:Executing tasks.add_numbers: b7659466-1765-4648-9328-3f058d154fad

Credits and References

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