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#049 Using Python with the imgur API

Using Python with the imgur API and demonstrate scanning imgur albums for image links.

API Clients

The imgur API changed some time back to require Oauth2 authentication. Unfortunately, many of the imgur scripts and libraries for many languages never caught up.

One that has been updated and appears to work very well is the official imgur python client.


This tool uses the official imgur python client. Install with pip:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt


Requires registration to get a CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET.

The script is a simple tool for grabbing a list of images from an imgur album.

The script expects to find CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET from the environment. The gallery to scan is provided as a command-line argument.

e.g. to scan the album at


These links are to the original size image. Thumbnails are available by appending size indicator to the image name according to the imgur gallery data model


  • - full size
  • - Medium Thumbnail 320x320


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