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Reading MDB Files

Reading Microsoft Access database files on a Mac with Python

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I have some old Microsoft Access databases lying around … I wonder if there’s anything useful in them? And can I read them from my Mac without installing a whole suite of Microsoft tools?

There’s at least one way to do this that I’ve found to work: mdbtools for *nix MDB support and pandas_access for a tidy python wrapper.

I ran these tests with python 3..


$ brew install mdbtools
Installing dependencies for mdbtools: gettext, sqlite, python and glib
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt


### Some `pandas_access` Basics

Loading a table as a [pandas.DataFrame](

import pandas_access as mdb

df = mdb.read_table(‘quotes.mdb’, ‘Quotations’)

Getting column names.
`df.columns` returns a
and `df.columns` returns a

print(‘Columns: {}’.format(list(df.columns.values))) => Columns: [‘AuthorLast’, ‘AuthorFirst’, ‘Quote’, ‘QuoteDate’, ‘Circumstance’]

### Some Examples

Listing tables in a database...

$ ./ quotes.mdb Listing the tables in quotes.mdb.. Quotations

Listing records in a table...

$ ./ quotes.mdb Quotations Listing the records in quotes.mdb::Quotations.. Table has 2945 rows Columns: [‘AuthorLast’, ‘AuthorFirst’, ‘Quote’, ‘QuoteDate’, ‘Circumstance’] ————– AuthorLast: Edison AuthorFirst: Thomas Quote: …I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. QuoteDate: nan Circumstance: nan ————– AuthorLast: Asimov AuthorFirst: Isaac Quote: [John] Dalton’s records, carefully preserved for a century, were destroyed during the World War II bombing of Manchester. It is not only the living who are killed in war. QuoteDate: nan Circumstance: nan ————– AuthorLast: Gates AuthorFirst: Bill Quote: 640K ought to be enough for anybody. QuoteDate: nan Circumstance: In 1981 ————– AuthorLast: Berra AuthorFirst: Yogi Quote: 95% of this game is half mental. QuoteDate: nan Circumstance: nan ————– AuthorLast: Dirksen AuthorFirst: Everett Quote: A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money. QuoteDate: nan Circumstance: nan ————– AuthorLast: Marx AuthorFirst: Groucho Quote: A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five. QuoteDate: nan Circumstance: nan …(etc)… ```

Credits and References

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