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Project Notes

Modern Front-End Development for Rails

Notes on the book Modern Front-End Development for Rails, By Noel Rappin, pubished by The Pragmatic Programmers.



Highlights from the Table of Contents

Part I — Getting Started

  1. Client-Side Rails
  • Managing State and Front-End Development
  • Installing Webpacker
  • Using Webpacker
  • Adding Real Features
  • Going Generic
  1. Stimulus
  • What Is Stimulus?
  • Installing Stimulus
  • Adding Our First Controller
  • Creating an Action
  • Adding a Target
  • Stimulus Has Class
  • Using Values
  • A Little More Stimulus
  • Stimulus Quick Reference
  • Using Stimulus with Haml or Slim
  1. React
  • What Is React?
  • Installing React
  • Adding Our First Component
  • Composing Components
  • Tying Into the Page
  • Interactivity, State, and Hooks
  • Sharing State
  1. Cascading Style Sheets
  • Building CSS in Webpack
  • Adding CSS and Assets to Webpack Animating CSS
  • CSS Transitions
  • CSS and React Components

Part II — Going Deeper

  1. TypeScript
  • Understanding Basic TypeScript Types
  • Static versus Dynamic Typing
  • Variables and Type Annotations
  • Functions and Type Annotations
  • Classes and Type Annotations
  • Defining Interfaces
  • Type Checking Classes and Interfaces
  • Getting Type Knowledge to TypeScript
  1. Webpack
  • Problems Being Solved
  • Yarn
  • Webpack
  1. Webpacker
  • Webpacker Basics
  • Webpacker in Development
  • Webpacker in Production
  • Customizing Webpacker
  1. Talking to the Server
  • Cheating with the Gon Gem
  • Using Gon in Stimulus
  • Stimulus and Ajax
  • Using Data in Stimulus
  • Acquiring Data in React with useState
  • Immediate Communication with ActionCable
  • Stimulus and ActionCable
  • React and ActionCable

Part III — Managing State

  1. Managing State in Stimulus Code
  • Sharing State in Stimulus
  • Refactoring to the Reducer Pattern
  1. Managing State in React . .
  • Using Context to Share State in React
  • Adding Asynchronous Events to Contexts
  1. Using Redux to Manage State
  • Installing and Using Redux
  • Adding Asynchronous Actions to Redux

Part IV — Validating Your Code

  1. Validating Code with Advanced TypeScript
  • Creating Union Types
  • Union Types and Type Guards
  • Specifying Types with Literal Types
  • Using Enums and Literal Types
  • Building Mapped Types and Utility Types
  • TypeScript Configuration Options
  • Dealing with Strictness
  1. Testing with Cypress Why Cypress?
  • Installing Cypress
  • Configuring Cypress and Rails
  • Writing Our First Test
  • Understanding How Cypress Works
  1. More Testing and Troubleshooting Basics
  • Writing More Cypress Tests
  • Cypress and React
  • Cypress Utilities and API
  • Troubleshooting

A1. Framework Swap

  • The All-Stimulus App
  • The All-React App
  • Comparison

Getting the Examples Source

tar zxvf

unzips into a code folder.

Credits and References

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