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Testing Punch for static site generation (obsolete).


Punch is a simple, intuitive web publishing framework that will delight both designers and developers.

I tried this some time back and it worked quite well (with nvm v0.11.3 and node version ???).

The project has however not kept up with node changes, and the GitHub repo has been archived.

If you try and run punch these days, all kinds of errors result (TypeError: Mime.extension is not a function) since dependencies are not well constrained.

Creating a Test Site

Requires a working node.js installation.

Install punch..

$ npm install -g punch
/usr/local/Cellar/node/12.4.0/bin/punch -> /usr/local/Cellar/node/12.4.0/lib/node_modules/punch/bin/punch

Generate a site

$ punch setup testsite
$ cd testsite/
$ punch s
Running Punch server on localhost:9009


generate full site for distribution

$ punch g --blank

Generated Site

The punch server does not work any longer..

$ punch s
Running Punch server on localhost:9009
TypeError: Mime.extension is not a function
    at Object.getExtension (/usr/local/Cellar/node/12.4.0/lib/node_modules/punch/lib/utils/path_utils.js:18:43)

Nor does the generator…

$ punch g --blank
    cachedCwd = binding.cwd();

Credits and References

About LCK#71 staticwebnode
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This page is a web-friendly rendering of my project notes shared in the LittleCodingKata GitHub repository.

LittleCodingKata is my collection of programming exercises, research and code toys broadly spanning things that relate to programming and software development (languages, frameworks and tools).

These range from the trivial to the complex and serious. Many are inspired by existing work and I'll note credits and references where applicable. The focus is quite scattered, as I variously work on things new and important in the moment, or go back to revisit things from the past.

This is primarily a personal collection for my own edification and learning, but anyone who stumbles by is welcome to borrow, steal or reference the work here. And if you spot errors or issues I'd really appreciate some feedback - create an issue, send me an email or even send a pull-request.