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IPROUTE2 Utility Suite was written by Alexey N. Kuznetsov for manipulating the Linux 2.2-2.6 network interface code. There are others, but ip is the main program it includes.

Here’s a rough summary of what ip can do:

  • ip link - network device configuration
  • ip address - protocol address management
  • ip neighbour - neighbour/arp table management
  • ip route - routing table management
  • ip rule - routing policy database management
  • ip tunnel - ip tunnelling configuration


iproute2 is not included in Mac OS X distributions.

iproute2mac is a CLI wrapper for basic network utilities that provides a somewhat-compatible ip command. It seems good enough for most common cases, and so far it hasn’t let me down when I’ve wanted to work on scripts written for Linux that incidentally use ip for some purpose.

The main functionality missing in iproute2mac are the ip rule and ip tunnel command sets, and all the other iproute2 functions not included in ip.

When iproute2mac’s ip runs out of steam, it’s necessary fallback on netstat, ifconfig, ndp, arp, route and networksetup directly.

Installation and test drive on MacOS

I use homebrew to manage most of my software installation, and wadiyano, there’s a formula available:

$ brew install iproute2mac
$ ip link show en0
  ether 78:31:c1:c8:3f:60
  nd6 options=1<PERFORMNUD>
  media: autoselect
  status: active
$ ip addr show en0
  ether 78:31:c1:c8:3f:60
  inet6 fe80::7a31:c1ff:fec8:3f60/64 scopeid 0x4
  inet brd en0
  inet6 2406:3003:2063:3d:7a31:c1ff:fec8:3f60/128 dynamic
$ ip route
default via dev en0 via dev lo0 dev en0  scope link dev en0  scope link dev en0  scope link dev en0  scope link

Credits and References

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