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About LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol), IEEE 802.1AB


Link Layer Discovery Protocol LLDP, IEEE 802.1AB.

LLDP is an industry standard protocol designed to supplant proprietary Link-Layer protocols such as EDP or CDP. The goal of LLDP is to provide an inter-vendor compatible mechanism to deliver Link-Layer notifications to adjacent network devices.


lldpd is an ISC-licensed 802.1AB implementation (LLDP) for various Unixes. It also supports some proprietary protocols.


OpenLLDP is an Open Source implementation of the IEEE standard 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP). The OpenLLDP project aims to provide a comprehensive implementation of IEEE 802.1AB to help foster adoption of the LLDP protocol.

An old post: Use LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) with Mac OS X


wireshark - support for LLDP (and the TIA’s LLDP-MED extensions) is available since Wireshark 0.10.13 (SVN version 15800).

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